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Favorite 50 pictures of Robert Downey Jr - 48/50

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'The Judge' International Trailer

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It is the most awesome privilege to be able to use one’s imagination and wit, physicality and musicality, conscious brain and unconscious instinct in the service of a work that has a chance to move and excite and amuse and delight people all over the world, including long after we’re dead. What a noble calling! And I felt it was just there for me as a kind of given, some sort of inherited birthright, when in reality it’s the most magnificent luxury.

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I got a great girl!

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Sherlock Holmes (2009), dir. Guy Ritchie

"You’ve been in this room for two weeks, I insist, you have to get out."
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Robert Downey Jr. & Fedoras

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Johnny Be Good (1988)

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Corey Stoll & Robert Downey Jr. at 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. [ x ]

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